The Transforming Power of Breath

“Sweep away negative or self-defeating thoughts with a conscious out-breath. Welcome happiness back into your heart and mind with a conscious in-breath. It takes only one transforming moment, one breath.”    Yogacharya O’Brian

Breath – a natural process of the body.  We don’t need to think about it, it happens automatically.  Yet the breath can become a powerful tool when we consciously abide in it.  In our meditation practice we use the breath as a point of focus to still the mind and abide in our true nature.  We can also use our awareness of breath as we go about our daily life.

Much of the time we walk through life unconsciously.  When we take a conscious breath, we can quiet the mind and its meanderings in the past or the future and arrive in the present moment, anchored in the Self.  When we are anchored in the Self, we live consciously.

During this time of a global pandemic, wildfires, hurricanes and other natural disasters as well as the continuing injustice experienced by people of color, I find that, at times, I become unanchored.  This can show up in many different ways.  As I was out driving to complete some errands, I noticed that I was becoming impatient and my driving was not what it should be.  It called to mind a Goofy cartoon from my childhood.  Goofy was a laidback, happy go lucky guy until he got in his car.  Then he became a maniac with smoke billowing from his ears.  Has that ever happened to you?  Time to breathe consciously.

The teachings of Kriya Yoga call upon us to live in soul consciousness.  Paying attention to our breathing helps us do that.  As we go about our day, let us remember that one conscious breath can change everything.

~Rev. Nita Kenyon