Cultivate Firm Inner Resolve

“Remembering who we are – Self-realization – is the great purpose of life. As we fulfill this purpose of awakening, each of us has a unique and significant part to play in the awakening of the world.”

~ Yogacharya Ellen Grace O’Brian

Predictably, as the marine layer lifts, Autumn brings warmer weather to the coast. The days are growing shorter and a shift in the air is palpable. With the changing seasons, new awareness rises. We are reminded of the cyclical nature of all creation and the precious gift of time.

This gift of time is to be used ever so wisely. Our very purpose is to awaken to the fullness of the Self. From this place of Self-knowing comes strength, resilience, and clarity — the inner qualities needed at this time.

As practitioners of Yoga, we are encouraged to cultivate firm inner resolve to remain anchored in the changeless, birthless, immortal aspect of ourselves. In the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna reminds us that this single pointed focus and unwavering persistence is required to remain calm, steady, and resilient through the trials and tribulations of life. Without firm resolve to awaken, the mind can become restless and distracted.

While the journey of spiritual awakening is an individual process, we do not travel alone. I recently learned that young sunflowers always face the sun. Upright, vibrant, and beautiful, they open themselves to receive the light. On cloudy days when the light of the sun is obscured, they turn towards each other to bring light and energy to one another. Spiritual community works in a similar way.

May you feel the warmth of the sun always. May you know that you are loved and held as you awaken to the truth of your being. Remain steadfast and cultivate firm inner resolve for you are here with divine purpose.

Rev. Julie Hitchcock

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