Sing the Praises of the One

“What you seek is seeking you.”

Dearest Community,

During my morning walk, the light of the sun captured my attention. Rays of splendor danced upon a thin marine layer illuminating the sandy path before me. The chorus of songbirds lifted my heart and allowed tears of devotion to pour forth.

Yoga expresses itself through four paths known as Bhakti, Karma, Jnana, and Raja Yoga. Like tributaries of a river, they flow from the same source and lead to the same place of refreshment. Bhakti Yoga is the Yoga of devotion.

As a young child, I remember experiencing sweet stillness within the natural world. I held a devotional quality within my heart for the beauty within and around me and I yearned to know the source.

Today, after sheltering in place for nearly a year, I yearn to make a pilgrimage to my Guruji’s ashram to sit in the temple, to chant and pray with devotees in her presence, and to experience the bliss of the One. I yearn to gather with all of you in our sweet meditation center here on the central coast of California.

This yearning itself brings such depth and beauty to our practice and propels us upon our path of awakening. We are always dancing with the possibility of union, with the sweet essence of Life itself, within the present moment. When we allow the heart to sing in devotion, the great Mystery comes to greet us wherever we are.

In her book of poetry, Yogacharya O’Brian writes,

“Even the hummingbird

stops at noon to pray

offering the ruby

of praise, the price

of one moment

in the green sanctuary

of belonging.”

Follow the yearning itself, for that which you yearn to know is your very nature. Allow your heart of devotion to unfold and sing the praises of the One. For it will offer you a spring of renewal and will bring you home to your Self.

Rev. Julie Hitchcock