Embracing Unity

“We are at a choice point of how we move forward toward the promise of justice, and spiritual practitioners can bring their gifts of awareness and compassionate action to bear.”

-Yogacharya O’Brian

I am saddened by the surge of violence against Asian Americans playing out in our world today. Following the shootings in Atlanta, I hold our Asian American communities in a heart of prayer. May those impacted by the anti-Asian rhetoric and violence, discover peace and healing amidst these most painful conditions.

We are being called to stand in solidarity with all marginalized groups who are impacted by systemic racism, discrimination, social injustice, and historical inequalities. As practitioners of Kriya Yoga, we are being challenged to discover how our spiritual practice supports and sustains our efforts to build peace, unity, and harmony within ourselves and within the world.

Kriya Yoga offers universal wisdom for living a fulfilled, ethical, and purposeful life for the highest good of all. Our individual awakening contributes to the evolution of the world and plants seeds of hope for generations to come. Today, we have the potential to move forth with wisdom and love.

Our primary practice of ahimsa or non-harming sets the foundation from which all other practices spring forth. Ahimsa asks that we not only refrain from causing harm to others but that we contribute to the health and healing of all. From a place of conscious awareness, compassion arises. When we witness harm within ourselves, in others, or in the world, we are called from within to respond with enlightened right action.

May we bring our hands together, honoring the beauty of diversity, and hold a vision of unity. May we stand in the strength of yoga and allow our hearts to remain open to the pain and suffering of others for we are One. With a willingness to engage, the doors of divine possibility open.

Today, I stand with you in the face of hatred and intend to express through Love. Together, we will find our way!

Rev. Julie Hitchcock