Imagine the Freedom of Living in the Soul

“Imagine being spiritually enlightened.  Don’t allow yourself to be confined by mundane circumstances, subjective (mental and emotional) conditions, or mental processes.  Imagine that you are always established in conscious awareness of your pure essence – which is a unit of the pure essence of ultimate Reality.”

~Roy Eugene Davis

Yesterday, March 27th, marked the second anniversary of the mahasamadhi (conscious transition) of Roy Eugene Davis. I was fortunate to see and hear him teach four days before his conscious transition. Over the years each time I saw him I could see his inner light radiating more fully until that last time when he seemed almost transparent.

He was firmly established in the conscious awareness of ultimate Reality. His life, as well as the lives of all the teachers in our Kriya Yoga lineage can serve as examples for us. When we are established in our pure essence, our consciousness abides in the present moment. We are not confined by dwelling mentally and emotionally in the past or the future, in mundane circumstances.

When we dwell in the past or the future, we can become stuck. We live life unconsciously, from our conditioned brain, letting our habitual behavior guide our lives. As John Dryden said, “We first make our habits, then our habits make us”. If we want to break free of these self-limiting habits, we first must make new habits. We must make the habit of dwelling in our essence of being with a daily meditation practice. Then as we go about our days, we will be better able to remain in soul consciousness.

As Yogacharya O’Brian tells us, “Imagine the freedom of living in the soul—able to perceive and spontaneously respond to the promptings of inner guidance. No confusion or doubt, just clarity. An awakened heart, an illumined mind, free from attachment or aversion, open to the graces of the present moment. Imagine.” 

Let us move beyond our self-imposed confinement and live a Self-realized life. True freedom awaits us.

Rev. Nita Shankari Kenyon