Open to Receptive Stillness

This poignant moment in time marks the second year that our family will forgo our annual tradition of traveling up North to the Center for Spiritual Enlightenment for the Soul Liberation service followed by time spent with extended family and friends. Rather, we will stay close to home, attend the service online, and honor the arrival of Spring by admiring the canvas of wildflowers painted upon our coastal hills.

Like the moment of stillness experienced between the in breath and out breath, we find ourselves in the natural pause between what was and what will be. As we allow the mind and body to relax into this precious moment in time, we may discover a state of allowing from which peace will arise.

Patanjali, an Indian sage who compiled the Yoga Sutras, began his teachings with the aphorism—atha!  This auspicious word implies that the teachings of yoga begin in the ever present now. Yoga, conscious union with the Self, brings forth great beauty and direction.

This merging with the wholeness of Life is seeded in the possibility of each precious moment. Like roots that deliver refreshment to tiny blossoms teeming with new life, our practice grounds us in the omnipresent, unchanging, eternal nature of our own being.

With outer conditions gradually shifting, there may be an inclination to spring back into life as we knew it prior to the pandemic. The wisdom of yoga whispers a gentle reminder that now is the time to become still, steady, and receptive to the winds of divine grace so we may move forth with wisdom, ease, and higher direction.

May we gather our blessings, turn towards the Self with sweet anticipation, and consciously affirm what is ours to bring forth for the health and healing of all.

Rev. Julie Hitchcock