Be Grounded in Joy

“The influence of environment is powerful. We are wise to consider it.”

~Yogacharya O’Brian

The current outer environment’s influence upon our well-being may feel overwhelming at times.  We may lose our balance and find ourselves feeling anxious, disconnected from our Source and others.  Perhaps our usual ways of obtaining equilibrium are not working and we are finding it difficult to quiet the mind and/or body to meditate.  Thoughts whirl across our field of consciousness and anxiety and restlessness grows.  Recently, Yogacharya O’Brian reminded me that when we are anxious, a helpful way to get relief is to simply ground ourselves to the earth.  Go outside and feel the earth beneath our bare feet, if possible.

When we connect to the earth we get out of our head and into our heart.  We remember our connection to God and to one another.  I recall the joy I experienced as a child when I felt the mud squishing through my toes on a warm summer day as I played in the sprinkler.  With this connection to the earth, we move out of ego consciousness with its constant worries and negative self-talk into the joy of the moment – into the joy of soul consciousness.

Creating an environment conducive to meditation does not begin when we sit in a quiet spot and find our physical posture but encompasses what we do when we are not meditating.  We need to examine what we are feeding our body and mind.  As Sri Yuketeswar told us, “Environment is stronger than willpower.”  This includes our inner environment, so as you go about your day, stay alert to both your outer and inner environment.  Discover what feeds the soul, what grounds you to the earth and the joy of the present moment.  Do that.

Rev. Shankari Kenyon