Give Yourself Grace

“God’s grace sustains us, the teacher’s grace opens us to possibility, and our own grace frees us.”

~Yogacharya O’Brian

Today, I offer a prayer of love and compassion for all families in the world today. Given outer conditions, no one would deny that parents have been challenged, stretched, and summoned to bring forth their inner resources, more now than ever, to meet the growing needs of those they love. As a mother, I too have been experiencing the pull and strain that comes with parenting during this time.

The universal teachings of yoga offer timeless wisdom for parenting in the world today. The word Yoga brings forth a vision of strength, balance, and flexibility. The very qualities needed at this time. Yoga refers to our ability to consciously abide in our essential nature, as expressions of that which supports and sustains all of life, and to live in harmony with That. What a beautiful roadmap for parenting!

Our yoga practice allows us to cultivate strength, courage, and patience.  In the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna speaks of the unwavering perseverance that is cultivated and used to remain calm and steady through the trials and tribulations of life. When we draw upon our inner resources, resilience is born.

Resilience not only refers to our ability to see our way through challenging conditions, but it implies that we seize the opportunity to grow, expand, and build our capacity to experience joy, purpose, and ultimate freedom from the limitations of outer conditions. Something our children will need as they grow and mature in a rapidly changing, ever evolving, awakening world.

Within parenting, there is always a dance between doing and being. Today, I invite you into the stillness of being. Allow your mind to be quiet, your heart to be spacious, and your awareness to be expansive. Place your feet upon the earth, turn towards the sun, and give yourself grace.

Life is calling us to rise, to stand in Truth, and express through love for that which we imbue speaks most clearly to our children. Parenting in the modern world requires that we turn our attention within, discover our innate wisdom, and move forth with hope and optimism. Today, I stand with you and affirm that we are divinely supported each step of the way.

Rev. Julie Hitchcock