Cultivate Faith in Your Practice

“The inclination to thrive, prosper, and fulfill our potential is
the natural impulse of our divine capacity as spiritual beings.”

                                                                                                ~Yogacharya O’Brian


With Springtime in the air, the natural world is teeming with new life. Dormant seeds spring forth coloring our hillsides with beauty. It is powerful to remember that this same impulse to express fully resides within each one of us and calls us forth from a deep slumber.

In the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna declares that those born of a divine nature possess divine qualities including fearlessness, purity of heart, integrity, compassion, and a benevolent heart. The teachings go on to say that we are all born of a divine nature as it is our absolute destiny to awaken fully to the radiance of the Self. All that is needed is contained, in seed form, within the radiance of our being.

Of course, just as the shore winds blow, we are also prone to the forces of nature that influence our experience of the world around us. During the past twelve months, I have witnessed the fluctuations in mood and how they impact my relationship with those around me. Each new sorrow, worry, or hostility casts a shadow upon our capacity to see clearly and move forth with ease.

Yogacharya O’Brian reminds us that “all the way to yoga, is yoga”. When the experience of clarity eludes us, we tend to our practice with care. We meditate, spend time in nature, chant, and pray. We nourish our body and mind with sattvic foods. We become willing to be in a state of allowing all the while turning towards the radiance of our essential nature as spiritual beings.

Just as the wildflowers spring forth when conditions are ripe, sweet joy arises from within. Remain steadfast with your practice and the winds of divine grace will greet you wherever you are.

Rev. Jules

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