Embrace the Light

“A worried mind lives in an imaginary future. An unhappy mind lives in the storied past. Only a peaceful mind abides in the grace-filled present. In the light of the present, worries flee like a mirage in the hot desert.”

~Yogacharya O’Brian

With the changing of the seasons, it can be helpful to pause and reflect on our spiritual practice.  As the daylight lengthens in the movement from Spring into Summer, we can reflect on our inner light.  How can we increase our access to healing light and peace of the soul?  How can we stay grounded in the light of the present moment?

A steady meditation practice nurtures a peaceful mind and is foundational in helping us to access the light within and to stay grounded in the present moment.  It can be especially supportive now, as we discern what our new normal will be as the COVID-19 cases decrease and the country begins to open up more fully.  Each of us may have different ideas about how to engage with the world again.  We may find ourselves worried and confused.  Each time we sit in meditation, we increase our ability to tap into the inner light of wisdom that can guide our outer actions.

Meditating in community supports our personal practice.  I encourage you to join others in meditation through the zoom offerings at Awakening and CSE.  I particularly invite you to join us for our Summer Solstice celebration on June 19th.  As we look forward to a time when we can once again meet in person at Awakening, the leadership team is taking the first step.  We will begin by having the ministers and musicians connect to zoom from Awakening for this special Summer Solstice service.  Come, let us embrace the light together in community.

Rev. Shankari Kenyon