Serve Life

“The inclination to thrive, prosper, and fulfill our potential is the natural impulse

of our divine capacity as spiritual beings.”

~Yogacharya O’Brian

As we prepare to reopen our doors on July 11th, I greet you with sweet anticipation. Not only are we preparing the physical space for your arrival, but we are also holding the vision of a healthy and vibrant community continuing to blossom in the pure awareness of the One.

During the past year and a half, we have been stretched, challenged, and summoned to bring forth our inner and outer resources to meet the ever-changing needs of our time. As a result of your ongoing generosity, prayers, and vision, Awakening has continued to flourish. We have received many blessings that we will carry forth as we open our mind to the unbounded field of possibility.

When we consciously step upon a spiritual path within community, we are reminded to return to the fullness of the Self. We release our grasp on outer conditions and turn our attention within. Letting go of thoughts of lack or limitation, we experience renewal in the omnipresent and unbounded nature of our very being.

Today, as we find ourselves at the threshold of a new beginning, an auspicious moment in time, we move forth one conscious step at a time. With a surrendered heart, this is a beautiful time to ask, “how may I serve Life?”.

Remain open and receptive to the inherent impulse to thrive, prosper, and contribute to the health and healing of all. We look forward to being in spiritual community and fellowship with you. More details soon to come!

Rev. Julie Darshini

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