Cultivate Faith in Your Practice

“The inclination to thrive, prosper, and fulfill our potential is the natural impulse of our divine capacity as spiritual beings.”                                                                                                 ~Yogacharya O’Brian   With Springtime in the air, the natural world is teeming with new life. Dormant seeds spring forth coloring our hillsides with beauty. It is powerful to remember that this same impulse to express fully resides within… Read more →

Give Yourself Grace

“God’s grace sustains us, the teacher’s grace opens us to possibility, and our own grace frees us.” ~Yogacharya O’Brian Today, I offer a prayer of love and compassion for all families in the world today. Given outer conditions, no one would deny that parents have been challenged, stretched, and summoned to bring forth their inner resources, more now than ever,… Read more →

Embracing Unity

“We are at a choice point of how we move forward toward the promise of justice, and spiritual practitioners can bring their gifts of awareness and compassionate action to bear.” -Yogacharya O’Brian I am saddened by the surge of violence against Asian Americans playing out in our world today. Following the shootings in Atlanta, I hold our Asian American communities… Read more →

Sing the Praises of the One

“What you seek is seeking you.” ~Rumi Dearest Community, During my morning walk, the light of the sun captured my attention. Rays of splendor danced upon a thin marine layer illuminating the sandy path before me. The chorus of songbirds lifted my heart and allowed tears of devotion to pour forth. Yoga expresses itself through four paths known as Bhakti,… Read more →

Return to Stillness

“Nurture your soul by feasting on Truth. Fast from worry, fear, and all forms of negativity and grow stronger in Spirit.” ~Yogacharya Ellen Grace O’Brian I send my love to you this morning. As political turmoil escalates, many are experiencing the full range of emotion that accompanies periods of unrest. I have witnessed in others and within myself fear, outrage,… Read more →

Rays of Love

“You are Love itself. Live that way.” ~ Yogacharya Ellen Grace O’Brian I write to you with love and deep appreciation. In recent days, I have been reminded of just how precious life is. These moments of heightened awareness come to us when the heart breaks and light pours in. The relentless details of mundane life dissipate, and pure awareness… Read more →

Cultivate Firm Inner Resolve

“Remembering who we are – Self-realization – is the great purpose of life. As we fulfill this purpose of awakening, each of us has a unique and significant part to play in the awakening of the world.” ~ Yogacharya Ellen Grace O’Brian Predictably, as the marine layer lifts, Autumn brings warmer weather to the coast. The days are growing shorter… Read more →