Julie Darshini, Spiritual Director & Board President

As spiritual director and board president, it is an honor and a blessing to serve in this way. The teachings of Kriya Yoga have transformed my life and it is my absolute joy to share these universal teachings with others. 

Patty Czach, Treasurer

As I grow further in my practice in Kriya Yoga and commitment to the Awakening Meditation Center, I wanted to contribute in some way to support the center and the ministry. 

When I was asked to join the board as treasurer, I felt a great sense of connection and appreciation for the trust and opportunity extended to me to serve the Awakening community

Carol Lowell, Member at Large


Yogic messages reinforce the path of connecting with presence and facilitate noticing, over and over, the ego in all its trickiness. Knowing others in the Awakening community are able to talk about such things is a gift and a relief. I need and relish connecting with like-minded people who speak this language. I once read that success is when you are considered a gift by your community. It is in this spirit that I give my musical offerings and I consider other members to be shining benefactors as they share their natural abilities. This glowing reciprocity is a big draw. And, these contributions evolve us. Aren’t we fortunate!



Loren Leidinger, Member at Large


I am so inspired to be on the Awakenings Board because I want to be able to use my 25+ years of experience working with nonprofit organizations to help manifest our vision for the organization in the community.  Being able to use my skills to help Awakenings become a place people are drawn to to find their own inspiration and support as they awaken to their own relationship to God/Creator/Higher Self, fills my heart. When we awaken to the true nature of reality, it is nice to have the spiritual community for support and guidance and to be able to spend time with people who have found this same awakening.

“Every day, try to help uplift, as you would help yourself or your family, whoever in your environment may be physically, mentally, or spiritually sick. Then no matter what your part is on the stage of life, you will know that you have been playing it rightly, directed by the Stage Manager of all destinies.” Paramahansa Yogananda from Spiritual Diary (April 3).

Cynthia Mein, Member at Large


Awakening is filled with enlightened souls who share their light easily. The draw to Awakening for me is the continued learning of self-awareness and the path to wholeness. Being of service at Awakening honors a deep drive to give back. My hope is all our community members can feel this gratitude and find opportunities to be of service.


Jaya Pillai, Member at Large


Yoga and spirituality have always been a big part of my life. When I first joined Awakening, I was inspired by the kriya yoga practices and the community spirit. ‘Seva’ is a Sanskrit word that refers to selfless service and is perhaps the most important aspect of any spiritual practice. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve on the Awakening Board as a form of Seva for the center and the community.

“I want a life that is humbly serviceful, and abundance that is more than material riches. What could be more desirable than to live a full, harmonious life that is all-reaching and all-giving?”

                                               – Paramahansa Yogananda